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    2019, July

    Clamp and Shaft Collars AVAILABLE at A2Z
    0 Clamp and Shaft Collars AVAILABLE at A2Z

    Clamp-style shaft collars are designed to solve the problems associated with the set-screw collar. They come in one- and two-piece designs. Two-piece clamp-style shaft collars can be disassembled or installed in position without having to remove other components from the shaft.

    Engineering Life
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    Weekly Joke

    Sprockets, Chain and Plastic Guide Chain Rails…..OH MY!!
    0 Sprockets, Chain and Plastic Guide Chain Rails…..OH MY!!

    Sprockets, Chain and Plastic Guide Chain Rails…..OH MY!!

    When used properly, high quality roller chains are powerful and

    reliable drive systems. They can serve to bridge large centre

    distances. Various transmission ratios can be realized, independently

    of the centre distance



    Single, Double, and Triple Strands of chain, with optional Connecting Links,

    in numerous materials, lengths, and styles

    Steel, Stainless Steel, and Plastic chain available.



    Steel with hub or with hubs

    Plastic polyacetal

    Stainless steel,

    Steel hardened, ready-to-mount, custom bore with keyway

    Taper version, ready for Taper clamping bush

    Double sprockets for two single-strand chains

    Double and triple sprockets


    Plastic Guide Rails for Roller Chains

    Material: Low pressure polyethylene PE-UHMW.

    These side-rails serve to support fast-running roller chains which

    are lined up exactly; other than steel or metal side-rails they

    dampen the noise and reduce strong wear.

    Special features: wear-resistant, self-lubricating, resistant against

    diluted acids and diluted alkalines, impact resistant, corrosion

    resistant, soil resistant and cost efficient.

    Stock lengths 1 meter and 2 meter.

    Temperature range: -200°C to +60°C (for short time up to +80°C).

    Fixed length and other types on request.


    Need a chain breaker, chain puller, chain tensioners or lubrication spray, we got that too!

    Universal Joints
    0 Universal Joints

    Universal Joints are today, and will be in the future, absolutely essential and versatile components for transferring rotary motion, and transmitting torque from the driving to the driven unit.